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Snowmobile Prep

Snowmobile Winter Prep & Annual Service Inspection

Basic Package $142.00: Includes items 1-6. 
This service is recommended if you put less than 500 miles on your sled last year and will likely put less than
500 miles on it this year.*  
                               *Parts and oil are additional

Full Package- 1 carb $473.50 - 2 carbs $522.50 (XP Chassis $589.00) –
3 carbs $571.60: 
Items 1-6 plus additions listed below.
Recommended if you put 500 or more miles on your sled last year or you are not sure of your sled's maintenance history. 

Price DOES include the cost of chaincase oil; DOES NOT include spark plugs, if needed.
Additional Services Offered (Included in full package price):           
1.)  Clean and synchronize carb(s), standard chassis:
      $57.00 per carb  with prep or $83.50 per carb w/o prep 
XP Chassis Carb Cleaning is $163 with a prep or $198.30 w/o prep
2.)  Check and adjust engine/clutch alignment: $49.00  with prep or $73.50 w/o prep
3.)  Disassemble, clean, inspect primary/secondary clutches: $147.00 with prep or $196 w/o prep
4.)  Change chaincase oil: $98.00 plus oil
1.) Electrical:           Battery Type: ___________Sealed       _____________Vented
       --  Check battery electrolyte level  
                                          --   Full
                                          --   Distilled water added
      --   Charge battery:   ________% before charging  ________% after
Clean battery terminals
2.) Engine:                         --   Check airbox for debris (if applicable)
                                         --   Check carburetors for cleanliness (2 stroke units only)
                                               (Add $35 per carb if cleaning/synchronizing is needed)
                                            --   Check choke and adjust as needed
                                         --   Check compression (2 stroke units only)
                                                __________PTO     _________Center      _________MAG
                                         --   Check engine mounts
                                         --   Check coolant level and test freeze point __________degree F
                                         --   Check oil injection lines
                                         --   Check oil injection cable condition
                                         --   Check oil injection pump alignment and adjust if needed
                                         --   Check exhaust system condition including springs/fasteners
                                      4-Stroke--Check engine oil for cleanliness & proper level
                                         --   Check Intake sockets
                                    EFI ONLY-- Check throttle bodies for proper operation
                                         --   Check fan belt on fan cooled models
3.) Drive System:         -- Check belt tension
                                    --  Check and clean clutch faces, if needed
                                    --  Check clutch operation
                                    --  Check chaincase oil level
                                    --  Check drive chain tension and adjust if needed
                                    --  Check brake operation; adjust if needed
                                    --  Check brake fluid level; add fluid if needed
                                    --  Check brake pad condition
                                    --  Check and grease drive/jackshaft bearings (if applicable)
4.) Rear Suspension:   --    Check suspension travel
                                    --    Visual inspection of spring and components for broken bolts
                                           and/or loose parts
                                    --    Check idler wheel condition
                                    --    Check idler wheel bearings
                                    --    Grease all fittings in suspension
                                    --    Inspect drive cogs on drive axle
                                    --    Inspect track clips for missing clips or damage
                                    --    Check slides
                                    --    Check condition of track
                                    --    Check track tension and alignment; adjust as needed
5.) Front Suspension:   --   Check wear bar condition
                                    --    Check steering/ski alignment, adjust if needed
                                    --    Grease all fittings
                                    --    Check condition of steering and suspension components (ball
                                           joints, etc.)
                                    --    Check operation of steering throughout range of motion
6.) Operational:            --    Start and run engine
                                    --    Check operation of all instruments
                                    --    Check operation of all lights
                                    --    Check operation of hand and thumb warmers
                                    --    Trail test if conditions permit; otherwise test on stand
                                    --   Check Operation of reverse
NOTE: It is our policy to contact customers with an estimate for repair/replacement for any worn/damaged/inoperative parts we find during the inspection. No additional repairs or services will be
performed without customer approval. Charges for any additional repairs will be over and above the cost of the Basic or Full Prep packages.
All parts and lubricants we use are the highest quality manufacturer recommended OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

-prices subject to change without notice

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